What is better? Hoard coffee or gold?

Just imagine…:

Well, just imagine it’s a Monday morning, the alarm clock is
beeping at you, and you wake up looking toward a new start, the
work week ahead. You vaguely notice that the radio is just
static behind the beeping alarm, and not the normal ebb and flow
of the local news people and their usual morning banter. That’s
strange, you think to yourself.

You head to the kitchen for your usual cup of coffee, and grab
the TV remote along the way. The coffee smells great and you
think you may start to wake up as the aroma warmly drifts around
you. You pour your coffee and sit down for a minute to see if
you can catch a moment of the TV news before you head to the

The remote drifts from channel to channel, and something isn’t
quite right, few channels are coming in. Finally you get a major
network and the news anchorwoman’s face is looking very strange
and uneasy. It is an eerie feeling seeing a news person so
distraught, she is obviously talking without the usual
teleprompter help. The news is no longer scripted! She’s
talking about trying to stay on the air; ‘something about the
collapse of the dollar’, and not knowing what was going to
happen, to all of us, the banks, and the possibility of martial
law being declared.


You sit there with your cup of coffee with a very sick feeling
coming over you, your heart pounding to the point that you think
you may lose consciousness. Is this real? It must be, you are
awake now! Your mind starts to race — how much did you have in
the bank – the IRA – the 401K – the stocks? And how
much do you have on hand at this moment? How are you going to
get gas in the car if the banks are closed and the credit cards
don’t work? You start to feel very nauseated, your hands start
to shake, and a cold sweat breaks out all over your skin in
places you didn’t even think you had sweat glands.

The anchorwoman is saying the banks are all closed until the
government does something, and yet what can they do, since they
caused this mess!
What can you use to buy anything?

How can you use what is of no value anymore, just worthless
paper! What can you barter with? Do you have ANYTHING on hand
right now that can be used as a measure of value, to replace what
few dollars you may have that are now utterly worthless, to get
food to eat, gas in the car — to stay alive? How will you
protect your children?

coffee or gold

WHAT? — ARE? — YOU? — GOING? — TO? — DO? !!!

How in the world are you even going to be able to buy any more coffee?!? You think, is this your last cup? Would it have been better to hoard coffee or gold?

And then you are exasperated, angry at your foolish thoughts
because you know there are things more important than coffee!
But not right now, as you take another sip.

Your mind starts to race!

It will be that way for millions. For the vast majority. For
many readers of this report even, who never took action.

Well, hopefully you have prayed, and kept your heart and mind
faithfully close to GOD, so that never happens.

But think how that scenario could be totally different for you,
when the time comes for everyone else, if you had thought ahead,
and put some or most of your dollars into something that you
could use to buy, sell, and trade with – something that will
hold a value no matter what else happens.

What is better? Hoard Coffee or Gold?

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When that morning comes, you will likely be able to finish your
coffee in style, feeling calm and secure, perhaps trying to avoid
feeling a bit smug, and you will rest so much easier when the
time comes!

coffee or gold

There will be no need to join in the panic that
everyone else will be in, when the gas stations begin selling gas
for the only workable form of money left, the form of money that
has lasted for thousands of years, as they will sell gas for
perhaps 20 gallons per troy oz. of silver.

Why would you panic, if you had 5000 oz. of silver tucked away in
your home vault? You do some quick math in your head. Let’s see
now, a gallon used to cost up to $5, so 20 gallons once cost
$100, so my silver is now worth $100/oz in the old money, and my
little stash is now worth a cool $500,000 as measured in “pre
crash” dollars that no longer buy anything at all. Not too bad
of a nest egg that you paid only $100,000 to obtain back in
2016 or 2017.

I know most of you are waiting for another day to prepare. Most
people don’t buy the flashlights and bottled water until the day
before the hurricane arrives, and by then, the stores are sold

Don’t wait to call your precious metals dealer until the day when you will only get a busy signal, or when the phone lines are all dead.

You know, deep down in your gut, that paper money has no real
worth, and supremely overvalued today, and that only silver and
gold in your hand is real.

If you do not have your gold and silver, you are not going to make
it through the endgame of the monetary system as we know it.

The one who has the gold makes the laws.

You can be the one in this scenario that is able to see this day

come and be prepared! You will feel safe and secure knowing that
you have some silver or gold to see things through! It is better
to be prepared 100 days too early than 30 min too late….

This day could be any day soon – maybe tomorrow – hopefully
not! It’s something to truly think about and consider carefully.

So I ask you one more time:

What is better? To Hoard Coffee or Gold?


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