Utah Legal Tender Act Commemorative Coin HB 317 and 157

The Utah Legal Tender Act  is duly recognized for its historic impact of making gold and silver coin legal tender in the State of Utah, and ultimately worldwide.

In celebration of the passing of Utah House Bills 317 and 157, there is a limited-edition Utah Legal Tender Act Commemorative Coins.  Only 888 of these first-edition semi-proof silver commemorative rounds have been produced.

The design of the Utah Legal Tender Act Commemorative Coin was conceived and created by a renowned American coin designer to emphasize the twin virtues of sound money, which are prosperity and preparedness.  Likewise, images of the seagull and the sego lily, with their historic roles in the settling of the Utah territory, signify that Utah’s native resources of gold and silver will benefit many in the future.

Here is what is included in each coin order:

  1. One Utah Legal Tender Act Commemorative Coin (one troy ounce, .999 pure silver).
  2. Certificate of Authenticity
  3. An official copy of the Utah Monetary Declaration, personally signed by Utah House Representative Brad Galvez and by Larry Hilton, author of House Bills 317 and 157.

Utah Legal Tender Act

Be one of the first to own this limited-edition coin, demonstrating that you recognize the reality of a new epoch of liberty and self-determination.

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