Federal Reserve Act: Transition from national money to private money

The essential shift happened in 1913. With the Federal Reserve Act, the door was open for private money. Ever since that time, the Fed has owned the power over the monetary system we live in today. Although according to the Constitution of the United States, only gold and silver were supposed to be lawful money, a […]

Gold and Silver in Bible Prophecy

To the novice Bible interpreter, it might seem as if these are contradictory passages that on the one hand say that gold will be valuable, and on the other, say it won’t be valuable. But even these passages about “casting away silver” strongly suggest that gold and silver will be quite valuable at that time. Consider the […]

The constant purchasing power of Gold and why Gold is NOT an investment

Often I receive that question and this one: “What do you think about the new Utah money where people are able to pay taxes and their goods and services they sell in gold and silver coins?” Utah just legalized gold and silver as a currency, where you can see the big difference between “legal” and […]