Complex banking system perfectly explained in less than 3 minutes

I have never seen a video that it explains the banking system we have versus an ethical central banking system better than this:  The governments use inflation as an indirect tax to systematically devalue the currency and by doing so get rid of the national debt, which is mathematically and objectively impossible. The growth […]

Solutions: A new Gold Standard

Certainly a new gold standard would not be that easy to manipulate. But for this, most of the gold is in the same private hands who control the Fed. The next monetary reform will be a unique chance to unmask the criminals, to create a really independent central banking system. In order to do so, […]

The Secret Return To The Gold Standard in 2017

A silent conspiracy will make gold a new currency starting January 1, 2017. Central banks and governments are buying gold by the metric ton… Gold Standard 2017. If you hold any dollars and/or Euros, here’s what you must do now to prepare — and earn a 670% windfall as gold soars to historic highs. Brian Hicks quote: […]