Shadow Gold Price currently at $20,645 per ounce

The Shadow Gold Price Nothing can explain the fair price of gold better than the Shadow Gold Price, because it “disinfects” the price of gold from any price manipulation. But what in the world does Shadow Gold Price mean? The Shadow Gold Price indicates the fair value or in other terms unmanipulated “price” of gold. Here […]

A Simple Guide to Buy Pamp Suisse Gold Bars

Individuals who invest or buy Pamp Suisse gold bars find them an attractive option because they are more stable and secure investments. Generally, the value of gold does not suffer the shocks and the after effects of inflation or economic downturns which other commodities like petrol and cash suffer frequently. The growing interest in gold has […]

Gold Silver Barter and Debt

Gold is the money of the Kings, Silver is the money of the Gentlemen,    Barter is the money of Peasants,     but Debt is the money of Slaves.   To which group would you like to belong to, when it comes to Gold Silver Barter and Debt? The biggest and most far-reaching economic […]

What is better? Hoard coffee or gold?

Just imagine…: Well, just imagine it’s a Monday morning, the alarm clock is beeping at you, and you wake up looking toward a new start, the work week ahead. You vaguely notice that the radio is just static behind the beeping alarm, and not the normal ebb and flow of the local news people and […]