Solutions: A new Gold Standard

Certainly a new gold standard would not be that easy to manipulate. But for this, most of the gold is in the same private hands who control the Fed.

The next monetary reform will be a unique chance to unmask the criminals, to create a really independent central banking system. In order to do so, we need to inform the people and spread the message. This is our only chance to avoid monopoly capitalism.

On an individual level:

Self-efficiency, barter trading, barter currencies:

The one who constructs real estate by himself does not pay any taxes. Neither does the one who exchanges property. You only need money in order to make trading and commerce easier. In these terms you could use whatever you want in order to “escape” the system. But unfortunately we are forced by the government to use legal tender only for any trade. The consequence of this, of course, is that the “money mafia” gets bigger and stronger exponentially.

  1.  Stop any employment: To be employed means “direct enslavement” by paying taxes and all sorts of charges. Choose self-employment and become more “independent” by declaring how much you have really earned and avoiding all the costs and taxes normally paid as an employee.
  2.  Only create the minimum necessary money supply in the system.

Run on the banks:

If only every fiftieth dollar, pound, or euro in circulation gets withdrawn from the fractional banking system, the power of the banks will implode and be erased. Up until now, politicians and bankers have succeeded in avoiding exactly that. If every one of us only withdraws € 2,000, this would represent a loss for the banks of € 100,000, which is quite significant for the banks on a broader scale.

The current monetary system has been well established for about three hundred years now. The masses are now accustomed to it. In fact, they have all been royally hoodwinked and have had a good old time along the way! We simply need to scrutinize and analyze to gain a new perspective on what is really happening throughout the world. So we now know that all the money in circulation has been borrowed at this point. Money borrowed, whether by a government, business, or private party, is in every case not backed by… anything! It is not, in fact, deducted from other cash or hard-asset deposits that pre-existed in the bank’s vaults, as so many people seem to think.

When the central banks or reserves lend, no depositor’s account is ever debited! Thus all borrowed currency/money is in fact fiat or counterfeit currency… money that did not preexist. The practice of lending and fraudulently claiming that it is backed by some form of real asset is an outright swindle and lie, yet it has become the accepted norm. And this has been going on for over three hundred years, so why ask questions now?

However, what is borrowed today must be repaid tomorrow. So when the masses experience payback in the form of coerced taxes, they are actually repaying money that never existed in the first place. What an incredible joke on them!

It therefore stands to reason that the overall indebtedness of the economy to lending institutions sky-rockets upwards each successive year. The economy is thus perpetually indebted to the international money hucksters. An individual only borrows money when they are short of enough to execute their goal. That represents spending power.

When the entire economy is borrowing, it is short of money and spending power, i.e., there is a huge shortage of “money created out of thin air”. And what is worse, there is a vast surplus of debt. In fact, even if all the debt were paid off by governments everywhere, there would still be a massive amount of debt remaining, so long as the existing system remains in place and no money is left. It is a severely dysfunctional mechanism. Thus the entire economy becomes an artifice, a myth, an actual creation of the international central bank(st)ers. Scarcity of money has been intentionally caused by the bank(st)ers, and the creation of perpetual and continual debt consequently distorts trade into being inherently unfair and twisted.

After all, the cost of debt repayment must be pre-built into everything the economy produces. Debt-driven growth (artificial growth) is not driven by human need but by debt money, thus becoming entirely artificial and a complete falsehood.

Continuing insolvency creates situations such as in poor countries that have been helped by the IMF or World Bank, where their currency and citizens have to come up with huge interest payments to service their gigantic and ever-increasing compounding debts.

Servicing the debt to these thug creditors, the international cartel and cabal, is an expensive proposition. Israel, for example, spends 65% of its export revenues on repayments to the cabal, and Brazil spends about 100%!

The cruelty and injustice of this debt system, the resulting economic malaise, and the self-inflicted mythical financial psychotic dementia are absolutely incredible. The debt trap these nations fall into is a hoax. They work even harder to become ever poorer.

Mass starvation and continuing poverty are the results of legalized global fraud and counterfeit currency. The psychology of this ruthless endeavor completely recreates man the animal.

Are people fundamentally depraved, or are just a few incredibly evil men influencing the rest of us to become evil?

The average person in the world is more concerned about making a living and surviving than engaging in silly conflicts or building weaponry exclusively to destroy others. Economic hardship changes that equation and changes man’s behaviour inevitably.

Corruption, crime, wars, and atrocities become the norm… where man is limited by artificial means and psychologically feels that there is some sort of inequity, yet he does not comprehend where it occurs or what exactly is happening.

The international conditioning of debt-based fantasy money, Disney Currency as we prefer to call it, must stop. We must put an end to it immediately. The upcoming generation already considers crisis and monopoly money as “normal” because they don’t know any different; they don’t know how the monetary system is supposed to be.

The artificial creation of poverty and misery and the false limits to species are all due solely to these financial thugs. It is time to stand up to them and end this long-lived conspiracy of these hardened criminals.

The wonderful thing is that both people and nations can change all that we have identified within a relatively short period of time.

We need to open our eyes to this financial manipulation and their monopoly on virtually everything that exists by virtue of the financial controls I have described. The solution is so simple, but the will to do it must come from the masses. According to the saying, “The masses are asses.” The question then remains, “Will we be able to make it clear enough for them to comprehend?” It is up to you and me to educate them and up to them to educate themselves.

It will be sufficient to have a critical mass of people, let’s say 20% of the population, to get focused and lined up. Nothing and no government will be able to stop that movement as soon as they become focused.

What you can and should do on an individual level right away is to convert fiat currency into small units of physical gold and silver coins and/or bars. This is not a “may have” kind of investment but a “MUST HAVE” part of your survival kit for the decades to come. Your own gold standard will conserve your liberty and wealth or what is left of both.

In order to put yourself on gold standard read this first.

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  1. America without the gold standard couldn’t keep its triple-A credit rating. What else will we have to trade away before this experiment, 40 years of disorder, stops?

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