The Secret Return To The Gold Standard in 2017

A silent conspiracy will make gold a new currency starting January 1, 2017. Central banks and governments are buying gold by the metric ton… Gold Standard 2017.

If you hold any dollars and/or Euros, here’s what you must do now to prepare — and earn a 670% windfall as gold soars to historic highs.

Brian Hicks quote:

“Four times a year, a secret cabal of powerful well-dressed men quietly streams into a small city on the border of Switzerland and Germany.

Carrying overnight bags and attaché cases, they discreetly check into a round high-security tower in this sleepy European city.

They’re the world’s only elite ring of financial rule-makers who come from places as disparate as Tokyo, London, and Washington, D.C., for the irregular meeting of the most exclusive, secretive, and powerful supranational club in the world.

This secret syndicate rarely pops upon the “grid” — once every decade or so.

Yet their sole purpose is to coordinate and, if possible, control all monetary activities in the industrialized world by creating financial rules and regulations that silently change our financial landscape…

So secretive and eerie, the names of its members are not published anywhere. But you can bet the U.S. has a representative appointed by the Fed. So does China, England, and other influential countries.

This powerful group has long been considered the most exquisite and private money clubs in the world, according to Time Magazine.

The Economist calls them “the club of bank supervisors.”

But the New York Times said it best when it labeled them as “the secretive panel that establishes global banking standards.”

Now they’ve met and hatched a new set of financial rules. One new rule, in particular, is about to set off the most profound change to your finances in 42 years…

So historical, this new financial rule demands gold be brought back into our financial system as money.

A massive, inevitable gold-buying operation is already under way as central banks and governments prepare for this secret return to the gold standard…

Because even though this is the most significant news for banks — and gold prices — in over 40 years, only the most connected insiders are positioning themselves for the dramatic changes that are coming.

I firmly believe this is the biggest story of my career.

It’s also the best opportunity you will ever have to strike it rich.

This isn’t guesswork. The new “gold standard” rule is in place. Gold prices are already moving higher…

Gold will easily soar beyond $2,000, even $3,000 an ounce… and it has the potential to hand you an easy 670% profit on a golden platter.

And all of this is due to this secret cabal’s machinations that will set off a series of events starting as soon as January 1, 2013.

But if you think you’ve missed out on the current gold bull market, you haven’t — not by a long shot.

My name is Brian Hicks.



I’ve put together this short presentation to tell you this fascinating story… why this is a unique and historical situation… who’s behind it — and why…

And most importantly, how it will increase your net worth over the next 12 months.

No one else will tell you about this profitable opportunity, and there’s nothing anyone can do to stop the imminent sixfold gold profits you’re about to see by early next year.

In short, everybody knows gold is a safe investment — but few Americans realize it’s about to become even safer and more important than paper currency, starting January 1.

History in the Making It’s Official: Gold is Money

While this secret gold standard story is barely making news, it stands to be the most significant and lucrative gold story in our lifetime.

John Butler, Managing Director at Deutsche Bank in London, agrees: “In what might be the most underreported financial story of the year… will be an important step in the re-monetisation of gold and this should be strongly supportive of the gold price. Stay tuned.”

Thing is, few Americans even realize there’s this powerful secret club that silently cooks up financial rules, like the one that brings gold back in our money system…

But on June 18, the Federal Reserve (and the Office of the Controller of the Currency) through its website already issued firm warnings to all banks to implement the new rules that make gold a legal currency.

I’m prepared to tell you right here all I know about this powerful central banking cabal’s inner workings — and how their actions will lead to the most profitable gold opportunity for investors like you.

But first there a few things you need to know…

This powerful banking cartel is simply known in deep financial circles as the “Basel Committee on Banking,” because their closed-door meetings are held not in Washington, or London, or Beijing, or some renowned city…

But in Basel, a little quiet city in Switzerland near the German border.

As the highest authority in banking supervision, it’s the committee’s role to define capital requirements and banking standards through a set of rules adhered to by all banks on the planet.

Yet, through their quiet existence, this banking cabal has only issued three sets of banking rules that become the “banking mantra.”

It’s the third and newest set of rules that puts gold back in our money system.

And according to Bloomberg, this historic ruling will take effect in many G20 countries as soon as January 1, 2013.

Now, to understand the magnitude of the new banking rules and gold’s reentry as money, I must take you back a bit…
How Gold Regains “Money” Status in the Next 3 Months (Gold Standard)

You see, their first set of banking and financial rules issued in 1988 was called Basel I.

The second, issued in June 2004, was called Basel II.
Basel’s Effect on Gold Price

gold price

 Both sets of rules were issued to help banks mwill begin its journaintain a certain level of capital to safeguard against financial meltdowns.

Yet these same rules encouraged banks to hoard toxic mortgage-back securities and government bonds as money.

As you and I know, both sets of rules backfired due to the number of crises we’ve seen since over the last decade alone.

These rules created a gaping hole that allowed the entire system to collapse right through it.

Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies released a recent study to show how both previous Basel rules failed miserably.

Let me show you how…

Banks have always used government-backed securities, like bonds created from real estate loans or Treasury bonds, as collateral to finance loans and lend people money.

These securities have always been rated First-Class Assets, according to the old banking rules.

In other words, U.S. Treasury bonds and mortgage-backed securities were considered as good as cash.

In fact, government bonds and mortgage bonds were better than cash for the banks — because banks could hold interest-paying bonds and then make loans that were backed by those bonds.

Banks were making money both ways!

But as we learned in 2008, there was a fatal flaw in this arrangement…

Bonds are basically promissory notes: They are just promises to pay back money that’s been lent. And when people stop paying those loans, bonds can lose value quickly… like when mortgage holders started defaulting in 2008.

That’s why, after the collapse of Lehman Brothers in September 2008, banks suddenly lost faith in the value of securities tied to the United States real estate market and government. Without this collateral for lending, the market seized up and the financial crisis erupted.

If you understand the debt situation in Europe — that these countries have so muchdebt that they may not be able to pay off their bonds —  it’s easy to see that another financial crisis could happen all over again, bigger than any meltdown we’ve seen.

So, the secret banking cartel stepped in to “cancel” the old banking rules and derail this life-threatening fiasco.
 Gold: The Last Asset Standing

Bottom line: Gov’t bonds and mortgage-backed securities — the darlings for the last 40 years of banking security — are toxic!

And it’s all because bonds are tied to fiat currency and “bad debt.”

Just consider this: The value of German bonds, seen as a shelter from Europe’s debt storm during the last two years, has started to tank, according to the New York Times…

It’s hard to see why a banker would want to tie up money in sovereign bonds,” adds Phillip L. Swagel at the University of Maryland’s School of Public Policy.

To fix this problem, the high-level Basel banking cartel secretly met recently and issued a third and new set of rules that historically brings gold back in our money system as the new backdrop of banking security.

But what’s so historic about this new banking rule?

Let me show you so you understand how rewarding this will be for your pocket…

As I said before, mortgage and sovereign bonds were always First-Class Assets for banking security.

But here’s what most people don’t know…

Gold had always been disrespectfully rated a Third-Class Asset.

What this means is means banks can use only 50% of its value as capital. So if a bank has $10,000 worth of gold, when it comes time for lending, the gold would be worth just $5,000 as collateral.

In other words, the “old” banking rules cut the value of gold by half of its actual market value.

So, the more Third-Class Asset a bank holds, the less money it can lend.

Banks were discouraged to hold gold as an asset. That’s why they flocked to government bonds and mortgage-backed securities.

But all that’s about to change — and gold will easily double in value because of this new rule.
New Gold Banking Rules that Can Fund Your Retirement

As soon as January 1, 2013, things will change completely and gold will be rerated a First-Class Asset, thanks to the influence and financial power of this banking mafia ring.

For the first time, banks will be allowed to hold bullion in their vaults and rate it among their First-Class Assets.

In other words, gold will be just as good as money.

Banks are already preparing for the full implementation of gold’s dominance as the new First-Class security for banking, Reuters quietly reported.

This means from now on, PHYSICAL gold will carry its full weight alongside cash in the global banking system.

It will be considered “money” in virtually the same way as cash or government bonds, or even better.

And according to the Federal Reserve, all U.S. banks must adhere to this new banking rule.

It’s pretty easy to see that gold is about to get a lot more valuable.

But that’s just half of this historical story…

You see, under the new rules, a bank’s First-Class Asset must rise from 4% to 6% of its total assets, which means banks will have to replace a huge chunk of their existing paper currency with gold.

This move will push gold prices even higher and create staggering profits for early investors like you…
“No asset is safe now,” adds Zhang Jianhua of the People’s Bank of China. “The only choice to hedge against risks is to hold hard currency — gold.”
For one thing, gold performs a major job that no fiat currency — or any other financial instrument, for that matter — can do.

Gold is a safe haven and better collateral than government bonds or cash-based assets tied to devaluing currencies.

Here’s the thing: In 1913, the U.S. dollar was, well, a dollar. And gold was U.S. $20 an ounce.

Today, almost 100 years later, the dollar has lost 95% of its purchasing power — while gold has soared 8,000%.

The biggest gold-buying spree we’ve seen over the last four decades is going on right now, as banks have begun to stockpile more of it.

In fact, the World Gold Council revealed net central bank purchases in 2011 exceeded 455 tonnes (14.5 million ounces), the largest purchases since 1965.

And it reported banks will purchase 700 tonnes (22 million ounces) of gold for this year alone…

All in preparation for gold’s reentry into our financial system as “real money” — a covert operation instigated by the most powerful financial alliance in the world.

Let me tell you more about this powerful little-known banking cartel… who they really are… and how on earth it’s possible for them to take such a historic stance on gold’s reentry in our money system.
“The Club of Bank Supervisors” — The Economist

You see, membership to this club is restricted to a handful of powerful men who determine the daily interest rates, the availability of credit, and the money supply of the banks in their own countries.

Let me be clear: This group has nothing to do with the yearly and well publicized meetings of CEOs, billionaires, politicians, and journalists who gather at the Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland…

In fact politicians are not welcomed into this club. No surprise Fritz Leutwiler, former head of this secret alliance once said, “I have no use for politicians, they lack the judgment of central bankers.”

The Basel banking syndicate I’m referring to — secretly established by the central-bank governors of the G-10 Countries at the end of 1974 to regulate banking activity — is far more exclusive.

That’s why former IMF Managing Director Pierre-Paul Schweitzer called them the “best club in the world.”

But Time Magazine puts it this way: “Among the world’s temples of high finance, no other organization has risen to such authority and influence in such an unpretentious way…”

According to Edward Jay Epstein, investigative journalist and former political scientist professor at Harvard, who researched the dark corners of this secret club and toured its headquarters…

“…They sought complete anonymity for their activities. At first their headquarters were in an abandoned six-storey hotel, The “Grand et Savoy Hotel Universe”, with an annex above the adjacent Frey’s Chocolate Shop in a little Swiss city on the French and German border.

There purposely was no sign over the door identifying them, so visiting central bankers and gold dealers used Frey’s, which is across the street from the railroad station, as a convenient landmark.

It was in the wood-paneled rooms above the shop and the hotel that decisions were reached to devalue or defend currencies, to fix the price of gold, to regulate offshore banking, and to raise or lower short-term interest rates.

And though they shaped “a new world economic order” through these deliberations (as Guido Carli, then the governor of the Italian central bank, put it), the public, remained almost totally unaware of the club and its activities…”

Edward Jay Epstein
Copyright © 1983 by Harpers Magazine.
All rights reserved.

Today they’re based in this high-security, 18-story tower in Basel, Switzerland, in what is considered the World’s Central Bank.


As Epstein reveals: “The tower is completely air-conditioned and self-contained, with its own nuclear-bomb shelter in the sub-basement… a triply redundant fire-extinguishing system (so outside firemen never have to be called in)… a private hospital, and some twenty miles of subterranean archives.”

There are suites of offices reserved for the central bankers, each with coded speed-dial telephones that, at a push of a button, directly connect the club members to their offices in their central banks back home.

Some insiders call it “the central bank for central banks.”

And all member countries within this group — like Canada, the United States, England, China, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Brazil, Singapore, South Africa, Japan, Korea, France, Italy, Spain, Australia, and Argentina, to name a few — are bound to implement its banking recommendations.

Which means as a new First-Class Asset, gold would be the new backstop for debt, currencies, and bank equity capital from Europe to South and Central America, North America to the Middle East and Asia.

I can’t stress enough how important this ruling is.

Gold prices are likely to double by next year — and open the floodgates to massive profits for you at the same time.Gold’s Historic Reentry as Money

Consider this: In the U.S. alone, the Fed has laid out the requirements for the new rule, leaving no bank untouched…

Which means JP Morgan, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Citigroup, MetLife Inc. PNC, SunTrust, U.S. Bancorp, and others will have to conform to the new gold rule, according to a story buried the Wall Street Journal.

The FDIC also distributed a firm notice to all banks to accept the new banking requirements for gold immediately.

Here’s what’s already happening, even as Americans are going about their daily business without a clue…

Banks like JP Morgan, Wells Fargo, and Capital One Financial Corp. are leading the way in positioning themselves to implement the new rules, Bloomberg reports:

JPMorgan has even started allowing clients to use gold as collateral in some transactions where traditionally only Treasury bonds and stocks have been accepted.

CME Group, the world’s largest derivatives future exchanges (90% owner of the Dow Jones Industrial Average), now accepts gold as collateral.

European-based LCH Clearnet — the second-largest clearer of bonds in the world, which serves major international exchanges and provides services across 13 government markets — has announced it will accept gold as collateral.

Germany’s cabinet is pushing ahead quickly with the introduction of the requirements for banks under these new banking rules, confirms CNBC…

And Deutsche Bank is already drafting its strategy to comply with the new requirements and make it standard.

UBS, Switzerland’s largest bank, is also applying all of the new banking rules.

In fact, the secret gold-buying spree among central banks, governments, and institutional investors is creating one of the most surefire profit opportunities the world has ever seen…
“Central Bank Purchases Of Gold Soar; Demand Should Continue in 2012″  — Barron’s

There’s no doubt the secret return to the gold standard is incredibly important news.

It’s amazing to me that this story is being ignored by the mainstream media. It’s almost as though they don’t want you to know about it…

Anyway, here are the only public figures I could get my hands on:

Turkey alone has added over 123 tonnes (3.9 million ounces) since last October.

Mexico has purchased over 100 tonnes (3.2 million ounces) since February 2011.

The Philippines added 32 tonnes in March, its second-largest monthly purchase ever. Largely under the radar is the fact that it’s buying some of its local production.

Russia continues buying, adding 15.5 tonnes in May. Total reserves now stand at 911.3 tonnes (29.2 million ounces), the highest level since 1993.

Thailand has raised its holdings by more than 80% since mid-2010.

South Korea has bought 40 tonnes since May 2009, an increase of 180% (3.3 million ounces).

China refuses to say how much gold it is buying.

Regardless of how you look at it, that’s a lot of gold already bought.

Is this the buildup to a gold shortage?

Time will tell. But consider this…

The largest U.S. gold production was the Cortez mine in Nevada that produced $1.42 million ounces of gold last year, while the Grasberg mine in Indonesia — the largest producing mine in the world — pulled a modest $1.44 million ounces as well.

Yet just the few central banks mentioned above have secretly bought 39 million ouncesof precious metals and hid them in their vaults in preparation for what’s to come.

Keep in mind this excludes the U.S., with its 8,133 tonnes, and other nations like China that don’t regularly report their secret gold-buying activity…

According to the World Gold Council, there is a significant number of purchases that have not been reported publicly — and whose buyers couldn’t be identified due to confidentiality restrictions.

This large number is a surprise,” said UBS analyst Edel Tully. “This information is very bullish. And no doubt the market will be busy speculating on the identity of such buyers.”

This gold-buying spree is so historic, it has created what may seem like a secret Gold Cold War that you won’t hear about in the mainstream media.
 The Gold “Cold War”

Towards the end of last year, Venezuela ordered the repatriation of 211 tons of its gold reserves held in Switzerland, Britain-based Barclays Bank, JPMorgan Chase and Canada’s Bank of Nova Scotia.

Its reason? To reduce exposure to debt-laden economies like the U.S. and those of Europe.

Recently, the German Federal Audit Office criticized its central bank’s auditing controls regarding its 3,400 tons of gold (the majority of which is held in the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Paris and London).

German lawmakers are concerned about what would happen if they need to access their gold urgently.

I would not be surprised if Germany follow Venezuela’s footsteps and have their gold repatriated to Germany.

Over the last two years alone, central banks that rid themselves of gold have completely turned around and begun buying back gold in staggering quantities…

As I said before, it’s all just preparation for the “new gold banking rules” set to take effect in the next few months.

In fact gold has now become the most valuable asset and has started a modern-day gold rush that will potentially send gold’s price soaring over the next year, creating new wealth for early investors like you.
 Gold: From $1,600 to $8,890 an Ounce

This is a treble win for gold. It’s a major endorsement of its role in our financial system by the highest global financial authority.

It’s now time to invest in gold again.

In fact over the next two years, gold could be sitting safely at $8,890 an ounce.

Now, before you tell me I’ve gone bonkers… $8,890 may well end up being a conservative estimate when you adjust for inflation.

Hear me out…

When the gold window was closed in August 1971, it had already risen from its fixed price of $35 an ounce to $42 an ounce. By the time gold peaked in 1980, it had soared to $850, rewarding early investors with a 2,400% return.

My guess is, had I made such forecast in 1971… you wouldn’t have believed me.

Well, mark my words today: We will see gold’s price setting record highs in just a few months… making investors like you rich along the way.

If $8,890 an ounce is a tough pill to swallow, then consider the prediction of Mike Maloney, a precious metal investor and revered historian on monetary history and economics…

He has run calculations showing that if history repeats — and gold covers the same portion of the currency supply that it did in 1934 and 1980 — we should see prices of at least $15,000 per ounce within the next three to five years.

And other insiders are predicting around the same price point: between $10,000 and $15,000.

And it’s not far-fetched, given the importance and remonetization of gold right now…

In short, insiders are silently and secretly getting ready to use gold as money in the next few months — and everyday folks have no idea.

But you won’t be one of them.

Here’s how to prepare for your profit windfall from the secret return to the gold standard…

Here’s What You Must Do Now to Secure a Sixfold Windfall

Even If You Don’t Buy an Ounce of Gold

There are a few recommendations I can make now. And I’d suggest you do it while you have time — to secure your family’s future and ensure you live comfortably while these changes erupt in America’s financial system.

Of course you can invest in gold coins or bullion. In fact, I think you should. Converting your paper money into gold before further dollar devaluation is a no-brainer.


These facts might be useful for you as well.

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