Gold Silver Barter and Debt

Gold silver barter and debt

Gold is the money of the Kings,

Silver is the money of the Gentlemen,

   Barter is the money of Peasants,

    but Debt is the money of Slaves.

Gold Silver Barter and Debt


To which group would you like to belong to, when it comes to Gold Silver Barter and Debt?

The biggest and most far-reaching economic scandal of our day is happening by manipulation within our monetary system. For the first time it has a global criminal financial dimension, and its range is far beyond national borders where any national government can control, stop, or prevent it. National laws are too outdated to stop this scandal. It is certain that this fraud – like any other criminal financial fraud – cannot result long term in enrichment of the perpetrators and impoverishment of the victims because no free monetary system can be abused in the long run.

The three functions of money are supposed to be a:

  1. means of exchange;
  2. means of measurement (accounting);
  3. storage of value.

In former times the government had the privilege to issue coins. National symbols were minted upon those gold, silver, and copper coins. The government guaranteed the fineness of the metal and the weight of the coins as well. Therefore everybody knew – also abroad – how much each coin was worth. That is how that former “money” fulfilled all three requirements.

But in order for the government to be able to issue these coins, it had to possess the gold and silver which the coins were made of. That is why the mines were owned and controlled by the government. The citizens knew and were assured that the government could not spend more than it possessed of these tangible assets (Circulating Gold Currency).

Make your choice between Gold Silver Barter and Debt!

Kings and Gentlemen read this Warning for Gold.

Peasants and Slaves continue to use Barter and Debt.

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