FIAT money / Intrinsic Money

FIAT money / intrinsic money

There’s no shortage of villains in the story of our current economic distress within this FIAT money system…

The Fed, Wall Street investment banks, CEO felons, dishonest academics,
and gutless and corrupt politicians. It’s absolutely true that many of these
people belong in jail.

However, the biggest villain of all is not a person, but a SYSTEM.
Specifically, the FIAT money system.

People seem to forget that the dollar’s barter exchange value has been circulated
for decades and hundreds of trillions of dollars worth of products and commodities
have changed hands through the use of dollars every decade. The fact that the dollar as FIAT money is “just” an exchange barter tool since 1963 (the date when they pulled the coinage in circulation taking the silver and gold out of the public’s hands) has not changed.

Does anyone think the massive expansion of the economy based on FIAT money would have taken place using gold as the barter tool over the same time period?

Individual’s assets in 1955 were rather sparse and bare compared to the individual’s
assets today. Inflation has taken root over the last 20 years due to the spiral of run-away
growth and the effect of greed and unethical oppertunity applied from and due to the boom periods where cash flowed as king and as time went by he who could cheat the other guy first walked with the kingdom of the booty. (within government expansion the before mentioned was done quite well)

Let me show you why the rich are getting richer while everyone else is getting taken to the cleaners and ground into the dirt. And why nothing will change until we attack the problem at its root. Here is how it works:

FIAT money

And here is how to accumulate intrinsic money:

FIAT money


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