With FIAT currencies to intrinsic assets

If everybody were aware of intrinsic assets, then:

  • the velocity of money circulation would rise rapidly because of its rejection;
  • a run on property and tangibles would initiate;
  • a dramatically rising inflation would start;
  • the stock markets would crash;
  • entire sectors within the banking system, financial services, and investment-related sectors would implode;
  • so that a monetary reform will be inevitable.

The ‘Elite’ behind Wall Street and the Fed have been buying property, industries, commodities, and tangibles with the decreasing dollar.

From intrinsic assets to monopolies

The sectors of diamonds, gold, copper, zinc, uranium, telecommunication, media, food, and arms are controlled by the Wall Street cartel.

The banks are not really after the money, as we can see, because they can just produce or print the money themselves. For the bank, it is a means of power in order to acquire goods and services. Socialism and our version of capitalism are like two sides of the same coin.

From intrinsic assets to monetary reform

If we interpret everything in “From intrinsic assets to monetary reform” correctly, then the plan consists of increasing the monetary base as long as possible and, while doing so, creating as many monopolies as they can.

From monetary reform to global currency:

The governments use inflation as an indirect tax to systematically devalue the currency and, by doing so, get rid of the national debt.

Paying off the national debt is impossible. The growth of taxes and debts is due to the system. Money is exclusively created out of thin air and put into existence because banks give credit. If all debt would be paid off, then there would be no more money around any more. Although monetary base and debt are growing at the same pace, the debt is a heavier burden because of compounded interest charged on top of it.

Normally economic growth generates wealth. This wealth only flows where it belongs, such as to the ones who worked for it. If growth is higher than the interest rate because primarily the creditors are paid first, the surplus then becomes available funds.

Apart from the inherent unfairness involved, there is also a mathematical systematic error:

The economy may grow for a while, but to grow consistently is absolutely impossible. On the other hand, compound interest for the interest payments builds up. Maybe that is why the bank(st)ers have chosen a long-term interest rate of 5% so that a crash reoccurs only every 70 to 80 years – too long for a lifetime to remember the lessons from the past.

The Kondratieff Cycle states that the economy cannot grow faster than exponentially growing interest payments.

But the main objective of the elite establishment is to create a global currency mostly controlled by the Fed. And why not create 9/11 in our monetary system in order to have the justification to do so? Nothing in the world can grow infinitely. Even a cancer can only survive until the body dies. Economic growth is like the body trying to grow faster than the cancer in order to keep it small percentage-wise versus the body.

Even John Maynard Keynes (1883-1946) as one of the most important protagonists of our financial system had to admit exactly that. He did not want to cope with it. His answer was, “In the long run we are all dead.

The consequence of this is the regular destruction of all wealth every 70 years. Another war – whether economic, financial, or military – will be inevitable in order to conserve the financial economic system we live in today.

To prepare yourself get some silver and gold bullion as your intrinsic assets. With it you can go shopping, when there is blood in the streets and make bargains. Tap into the biggest transfer of wealth, mankind has ever seen and get your intrinsic assets.

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