FIAT currencies in a bubble

Let me show you today, how and when the past Shadow Gold Prices became reality:

Focus on the Coverage Ratio!

monetary base


gold holdings coverage ratio

As you can easily see, there is something more to it than just its name….”shadow gold price”. Also – by using the shadow gold price – you can see whether or not gold is in a “bubble”. Any time the Coverage Ratio is exceeding 100 % like in 1980, only once then, gold was in a bubble. With a Coverage Ratio of 16% we are far away from that. To the contrary: FIAT currencies are in a huge bubble, which is going to burst, that is for sure.

But why aren’t people preparing better? The main reasons are fear and ignorance. People are scared to admit reality to themselves and think the government will protect them forever. They would rather stick their heads in the sand like ostriches and ignore the inevitable.

Don’t be like them.
Don’t become a statistic.

Go and get some precious metals, as long as you can still do so! Here is my trusted source especially for silver, but also for all other precious metals such as gold, silver, palladium, platinum.

Become wealthy or even more wealthier during the collapse of the economic system by accumulating gold and silver at least until the coverage ratio will break even with a 100.

Enjoy, profit and prosper from your silver and gold!

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