This Depression will be called “THE GREAT STARVATION”

yes, you have read the title of this post correctly, and better get – not only gold and silver bullion, but also a good stock of food, and also become self efficient energy-wise, security-wise etc.!

I really mean it! I could have continued my career in the investment banking industry – as done so until 2006 for more than 20 years. But my soul was stronger that the greed for these fake FIAT-currency notes and stronger than being an amplifier for the wrong side – Wallstreet or in better words Satan.

Gold Guru Mike Maloney once said, you must be crazy not to participate in their (monopoly) game…. Well then I am crazy. I will never ever sell my soul to Wall Street or Brussels.

Now let us focus on:

1. European Financial Stability Facility EFSF;

2. What happened to the spot-price of gold?

3. Urgent immediate steps to defend your liberty – or what is left of it, so that you can survive the Depression, which will be called “The Great Starvation”.

1. EFSF:

As German Parliament had approved the bill for EFSF, so that the banks get their rescue-package again as Greece is insolvent and cannot pay it itself. But even more importantly EFSF is taking away national authority from Europe’s member states and converts Europe into a transfer funding union with financial directive from Brussels – or in other words: Financial Dictatorship and with it loss of national budgeting rights and democracy and monetary enslavement is underway…and nothing/nobody can stop it unless you act NOW!!!

Furthermore the EU-commitee in charge is guaranteed immunity for any responsibility of their actions! The Third Reich will have been peanuts compared to this.

Here is a map of all the countries and their votes supporting this or not:


Future European generations have been enslaved for additional 440 billion EUR to the private banking industry. This is just the beginning of an entire Monetary-Enslavement-Agenda. Competencies are getting taken away from a national level to the “United States of Europe” – Level. New World Order is underway and unstoppable. Once this will be done it will be a small step to global government.

This rescue package of almost half a trillion EUR does NOT as many may think help the Greek, no(!) it goes into interest payments directly to the banks. The man in the street in Greece will not see one cent! This is Master-Closing at its best by the SATAN banks.

It is not our Governments who rule the world – it is Goldman and Sachs” said a trader from London who got the bigger picture.”
“He who controls the money, controls the world….”
“The € is BEYOND dead!”

Here is the interview:

Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 13.35.43

Apparently there is nothing European Governments can do.

So how can we react on a individual level in order to get prepared for this financial dictatorship which goes along with and towards Agenda 21?
Well, the answer is: Cut living standard back now before the markets do it for you and later on EU-regulation does it for you and become self-efficient on all levels! In other words: Welcome to the Apocalypse. Have you got Gold? and Silver?

2. What happened to the Spot-price of gold?

MASSIVE price manipulation! Many people may say now “I knew and told you that gold was in a bubble”. Although I do not really care too much about the current valuation of gold in “their” monopoly-funny-money-system, here is what happened:
The FED has spent 78 billion dollars in the past few months to suppress the price of gold, silver, oil and other commodities while pumping up the DOW and the S and P Stock Indices. They cannot do this for much longer… they usually only do this for two or three days at a time like around COMEX options expiration or a major address by the President or someone really important like Bernanke. The point is that they are continuing this operation for a reason. They fear a crash and with it the Great Depression will come sooner than they wanted or are prepared for. They might hope to gain time to start a war or pull off another false flag operation in the near future to divert the public wrath. Eventually, the markets will overwhelm the FED. It is possible that JP Morgan has bought CDS (Credit Default Swaps) to insure the losses they expect to rack up when gold and silver go higher forcing them to buy bullion to cover their short positions. The fly in the ointment is that the institutions that sold CDS to JPM will default sending the New York banks, America and the world into immediate bankruptcy.

So long story short: Gold was not and is not in a bubble. On the one hand the corrupt axis Wallstreet/Washington intervened with massive price manipulation of the spot price through shortening the derivative market of gold and silver. On the other hand we observe shortages in supply of the raw materials and a divergence of spot price and price for physical bullion products. On September 26th 2011 London Gold Exchange was permanently closed for business: due to overflow.

They” want you to believe that Gold was and still is in a bubble in order to avoid further continuation of the run on the banks.

As World’s Reserve Currency – the US Dollar has been backed by crude oil instead of physical gold, there is no point of measuring the price of gold in dollars, because it is the wrong (inflated) benchmark. Let us take a look at gold vs. crude oil and let us see what we get:

gold-oil ratio 40 years


This clearly illustrates how the substitute back-up of the dollar (crude oil) relates to gold in the long-run.

What really happened: During the past 40 years gold went along with WTI (West Texas Intermediate) at an average ratio of 15.6. Increasing crude oil prices implement increasing inflation. With a kind of jet-lag gold also becomes more expensive. In answering the question, when gold will be too expensive and oil too cheap, many analysts look at this gold to crude oil ratio.

By looking at it this way you will develop a true ‘overstanding’, how much the price of gold can still increase or the price of crude oil decrease. As you are aware of the real picture now, you may now realise why headlines like “Gold is in a bubble” is total nonsense. Headlines like this are just proof of incompetency.

A propos ‘incompetency’, in case you want to laugh your head off, watch this interview, which is an example of media being totally insane: 

Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 13.36.14

For how stupid do they take their audience??

Gold has to be backed by the Dollar???

Isn’t it the other way round???

But apparently she seems herself in believing what she is saying…. another good example for corporate media and mass control…


The opposite is correct: It is more than likely that Gold will break even/through the $2,000 milestone. Putting this into perspective with crude oil, we will have just reached a ratio of 23.

Since 1980 the purchasing power of the US-dollar has suffered significantly. Therefore the price of gold would have to rise CPI-adjusted to at least $2,400 in order to meet the all time high of 1980. So realistically there is enough upside left (44.5%).

3. Urgent and immediate steps may be not to avoid the Great Depression but to defend your liberty:

a) Join this viral movement against EFSF and for conservation of liberty-rights. Here is the link: just perhaps a chance to change the course of history by signing up.

b) before you buy gold and silver (as much and as long as you can) read this warning for gold and follow the instructions. 

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