Complex banking system perfectly explained in less than 3 minutes

I have never seen a video that it explains the banking system we have versus an ethical central banking system better than this: 

The governments use inflation as an indirect tax to systematically devalue the currency and by doing so get rid of the national debt, which is mathematically and objectively impossible.

The growth of taxes and debts is due to the system. Money is exclusively created out of thin air and put into existence because banks give credit. If all debt would be paid off there would be no money around any more. Although monetary base and debt are growing at the same pace the debt is a heavier burden because of compounded interest charged on top of it.

banking system with interest payments

By the way the non-existence of interest in the Arab banking system is the reason why their banking system is not in crisis and never needed tax financed bailouts.

There is nothing to say against a FIAT currency system, under the condition that it is backed by physical gold and Government controlled and not by the banking cartel / Federal Reserve System.

As long as this is not given, establish your private Gold Standard in order to protect yourself from having to pay the price for your own monetary enslavement to the private banking sector/banking system.

Enjoy your gold and silver, prosper and profit from it!

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